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Aolemi Shower System Series

Aolemi Shower System Series

Are you finding a type of shower system that suits your limited-space shower enclosure? As for exposed shower fixture, both water pipe and shower body are exposed outside the wall, which maybe visually unsightly. And bumps may occur because the shower settings takes too much space in your bathroom. Aolemi concealed shower system series is your alternative.

Metal construction, high flow rate and water pressure, easy-clean showerhead rubber, rotatable shower head, various style overhead and handheld. Aolemi keeps improving to give you better products. 

As for function ,you can choose single function, that is, shower head only; dual function-shower head with handheld sprayer and triple functional shower, the one with tub filler to fill your bathtub with water in short time or wash your feet conveniently. 

There are to mounting style for choice: wall mount and ceiling mount. For those who like water to wash their bodies from a high place or those who are much taller, the latter would be a better choice.